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Imagine if You Could BE a Buyer of Gifts! For Christmas and Even for Wedding Parties; How Completely Exciting!

The easiest way to start buying gifts for the wedding party is to pick your favourite gift shops on the high street. Having a Bridal Consultant from Taunton Weddings means that your South West Luxury Wedding Planner is right buy your side with recommendations and her time to complete this exciting part of the wedding planning. Its your chance to say thank you.

You may not have time as a working professional City and Country Bride, and so Taunton Weddings will take your pointers and head over there for you, its all part of the service!

How do you finish this sentence- “I just love everything from … Is it Flying Tiger, L’Occitane, Crabtree & Evelyn, Smiggle, Joules, Heineken store, Disney, Perfume Shop, Pandora or somewhere else?” This is the way we start sourcing and budgeting the gift list at Taunton Weddings.

Giving memorable and awesome thank you gifts is Taunton Weddings specialty, wrapped by experts of course, and is included in your partial or complete high-end wedding planning service.

Make a Booking Today for 2018-2019 Weddings in Somerset England.

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Love Island to Love Weekender; Your Wedding Entertainment in a Coconut-shell

So when I first started styling weddings on Pinterest last year, they fell into three categories. Having spent the last year leisurely reading over material written by others in the industry, I found out there are many more to learn. My research is such exciting reading and so many beautiful photo shoots to admire it is purely thrilling.

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Taunton Weddings Stylist and Planner experiencing the Photo Booth

Kevin Huish Blackdown Photo Booths sparked my interest in additional trending entertainment, up above is my admittance to being in the zone now, soon to bring much to the industry as heavenly possible.

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Dan in-situ Entertaining the Guests

As a planner my goal is to make your wedmin as stress-free and possibly even fun (don’t knock it, you haven’t met me yet!), and anything is possible ask Dan Brazier who is showing his lovely face above. One way to prepare my clients is to make sure they get the kick of having the perfect entertainment booked for their wedding. This really goes along way to easing the prospect of being with your entire guest list on the big weekend. So today lets share with you a couple talents I have come across in my research so far.

Maybe you fancy a cool and edgy welcome drinks or to accompany the chatter at the main meal? Watch performing live right here- Steve Young guitarist, who will pitch his performance appropriately. For a later or larger wedding I could recommend Live Wires a group of musicians for the evening reception entertainment; this group will fill the floor and so would perform after the main meal. For the ceremony and also for the more reserved bride and very soft and romantic wedding I have chosen flame haired Pianist Hannah, a beautifully quiet and emotive entertainment. Our stylists will have undertaken all the necessary checks if you take any of the recommendations, ensuring your peace of mind. It is popular to have various additional entertainments so please choose the level of service you require from your supplier or suppliers.

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Drone for Images over Water

It is entertainment in itself working my way through this section for the first time, viewing rehearsed acts and finding special performances or finding a new little treasure or a band.  Taunton Weddings would love to support you in planning and styling your special day ensuring my clients are inspired by what is trending for today’s chic country bride.

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Take this Style Test; and Discover Your Wedding Style Today

Rustic Scene little Quarme

Being a wedding organiser (new hat) is such an exciting job whether you hire one or do it yourself with help from blogs like this one. Having the photographer capture all the little details is so important. Before you start choosing and booking the photographer yourself, maybe you would like to take this style test. Can you imagine yourself at one of these settings? Are there elements of these photos that really lend themselves to category? #gettingintoit #loseyourcoolactthefool #weddingstyle #letshavefun


The above venue is Little Quarme Cottages in Somerset West, it is perfect for your rustic style wedding. It has the elements of countryside charm alongside weekend cottage accommodation plus there is space for tepees and a marquee. Credit to Little Quarme for this photo, thank you.


Are you going to wear a white dress to your big day? Have you thought about the traditions in marriage and which ones you would like to continue with? Credit to Tim Parke Photography for this shot, thank you! here


Have you got country roots? Maybe your family retire in Somerset and would love for you to be close to home for the wedding. Starting wedding planning is one of the most exciting things you will ever do, country wedding or city, perhaps this is more your style?



Flowers and ribbons blowing in the sea breeze here at this popular approach during the summer, might this be your ideal location? What does H2B say on this?

Beach Wedding Aisle


Ooh hats and ladders, Taunton Weddings will contact the right florist for you in Somerset we have amazing options just waiting for your country wedding plans.

Garden Wedding


Are you feeling trendy? Capped sleeves on your dress, loving the greenery of modern design-led florists? And what about Poochy? He can come too!

Modern Pet


Red lipped Siren goddess’s need a car like this one to travel in style on their wedding day, and don’t forget the fun socks and brown shoes fella’s, rock-a-doodle-do!

Vintage Style


Feel like getting back to basics with this style, Taunton Weddings will help you manage your budget here. This style can be classy as hell don’t think it can’t. Our wedding planners ask all the right questions.

Bohemian woods


Now Ive heard that Game of Thrones is very popular, and there are some fabulous ideas out there for banqueting in Somerset. We have some of the best food in the country round ‘ere, don’t you know?

Medieval table setting


Fairy lights and visual effects are a must at Fairy Tale Weddings. I’ll have a photographer for you, ready to bring the magic to your magic.



All the colour and flair of the perfect charismatic couple? Keep up with the trends and make this style a timeless treasure with just the right mix of style to be the envy of your friends.

Tin and Colour Festival

The style of wedding you choose, will be on point with the help of a wedding planner, #popmeaping I’d love to hear from you! I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest, just for you!

I’ll meet you to discuss my introductory wedding stylist offer. Then during your personal one on one consultation available 24 hours a day, you have the opportunity to investigate which style you prefer using our unique process, until we reach the right look for you and your guests. I’ll have a portfolio of suppliers ready.


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Top Five Tips on How to Manage the Wedding Budget

  1. Start with figure close to your maximum spend happy

It’s good to have a max spend, really it is! As you don’t yet know how much every tiny detail will cost you in total yet is it even possible to set a limit? Of course you can try, write down a figure you feel comfortable spending, and you can still have a dream!

  1. Write down all aspects of the wedding that you will be paying for

This part may involve having the wedding budget conversation with everyone who is going to contribute, unless you are having it all your way with your savings of course, then you don’t need to confer with anyone! Seriously though, this part is really better if family gets together and talks about it so you will need to be prepared with step number 3 already in place.

  1. Start to research costs of items you love

This part is a wedding planner job, here at Taunton Weddings we love doing this. This research can take hours so is best done months in advance if you are not using a planner. Interact with the Internet, Pintrest, your friend’s wedding planning and local suppliers to get good estimates and actual prices for everything from Flowers to Favours. Lots of great lists around so you don’t forget anything! Everything can be considered at this stage. You will benefit from finding alternatives which you may want to switch in later on.

  1. Create a budget sheet such as ‘I Pad Numbers’ or ‘Excel’ detailing every item and its cost

This is the fun part! You are nearly there now. List all your costs and total them. Putting them in a spreadsheet means the file can be shared and edited. Keep items in categories so that you share out the responsibility of them to contributors. Reference where each item comes from along with the description so that you can find it again when you want to purchase, place a deposit, reserve or book.   

  1. Decide what items will make the wedding, ditch the rest! Easy peasy

Now you are ready to talk to the family and/or  spouse and loan shark(only kidding)! You knew it was going to cost around £25k but you didn’t factor in the honeymoon or hen night/weekend and stag night/weekender! Honestly though lovely, you may need to save a little more, but hey, that gives you more time to find the things you love! OR you are ready to start shopping!! If you aren’t using a planner like Taunton Weddings you will need an area to keep wedding items whilst you shop over the next few months, AND you will need time to overcome all the obstacles that will occur and lots of stress management activities- preferably not too much wine or chocolate. I recommend exercise, manicures  and low fat yoghurt. And maybe a holiday? But hey what about that honeymoon!