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Wedding Favour Ideas for the Modern Cultured Bride

Here in Somerset, South West England we are revered for our clotted cream fudge. Its creamy crumbly texture is outstanding, so it would be fitting to have these favours at your wedding in gorgeously sleepy Somerset. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, add your own twist as fudge is highly versatile. If you have a unique idea and want to try something completely different in fudge, for example crystallised violet or angelica why not ask your very own wedding planner Taunton Weddings what they can do to make this happen for you.

We have a French influence ‘round ‘ere, due to historical invasions of one kind and another, and the French favours we love here also. The Macaroons and the lesser seen Calissons (little iced petal shaped soft almond sweet) are popular French favours. There are some delightful boxes to package these in, and I would definitely recommend splashing out on the prettier variety .

Chocolate is my absolute favourite, it is luxuriously smooth and can ooze joy with each and every sweet or bitter taste. Depending on how many guests you have from around the world though, you may spark a debate on the best chocolate.  Here are some of the suggested global, best chocolatiers  Valrhona (France;) Godiva Chocolatier (Belgium); Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates (USA;) Richart (France); Puccini Bomboni (Netherlands). There are some perfectly good suppliers of Swiss Chocolate favours in the UK a firm favourite. Favours are sometimes entertaining, chocolate Cigars are a fun favour for your guests and popular. Actually the Spanish like to give real cigars to their male guests, whilst the females are presented with something pretty, a bath salt wrapped well for example would be very nice.

If you would like to move further away from the traditional sweetie favour it is rather popular to give a hangover kit. This is a very gratefully received favour and there are a range of these. Starting with the one in a little Hessian bag with a red cross label contents; vitamin C, Alka-seltzer, a rubber, a smiley-face, a sweet ,a  mint, and paracetamol or Taunton Weddings would order a branded herbal remedy with the main ingredients being lemon balm, chamomile, dandelion and meadow sweet infusion. I love the sound of meadow sweet, such a perfect end to a country wedding celebration.