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Why Choose to Have a Style Review

When my client first came to me saying she wanted a Rustic Themed wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Rustic weddings with style include; foliage ladders and lace table runners which perfectly compliment my clients dress which has pretty lace sleeves. Handmade bunting is a great value product, you can buy or hire tonnes of the stuff for a fractional cost and it covers a huge area, up down and round and round.

I work in the Countryside UK, in Taunton Somerset, so we have a wealth of authentic ideas in and around this part of the world. Just driving through the countyside, on this bright sunny day I caught sight of a sign offering Hay bales and Hay stacks to passers by. This wedding planner and stylist had to just- ‘hold herself down’ as mini haystacks as centre pieces may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve put that great piece of wedding planning action on hold for now.

As a wedding planner I like to keep up with trends and my main aim to to make my client happy. Being a busy lady it can be hard to find the time to sit down together for a style review, so every second spent together counts.

As my client is not a great lover of flowers I found some fantastic centre pieces I wanted to share with like minded brides todayTin&Book centre piece Idylic Days

My one tip today when choosing style items – ‘Consider the style items as a total package not as individual items at separate prices’. Meaning a style package transforms the vision of the wedding and can suit any budget. Combining these table centre pieces with circular tables and wooden chairs could bring the wow factor you are looking for.



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