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Top Five Tips on How to Manage the Wedding Budget

  1. Start with figure close to your maximum spend happy

It’s good to have a max spend, really it is! As you don’t yet know how much every tiny detail will cost you in total yet is it even possible to set a limit? Of course you can try, write down a figure you feel comfortable spending, and you can still have a dream!

  1. Write down all aspects of the wedding that you will be paying for

This part may involve having the wedding budget conversation with everyone who is going to contribute, unless you are having it all your way with your savings of course, then you don’t need to confer with anyone! Seriously though, this part is really better if family gets together and talks about it so you will need to be prepared with step number 3 already in place.

  1. Start to research costs of items you love

This part is a wedding planner job, here at Taunton Weddings we love doing this. This research can take hours so is best done months in advance if you are not using a planner. Interact with the Internet, Pintrest, your friend’s wedding planning and local suppliers to get good estimates and actual prices for everything from Flowers to Favours. Lots of great lists around so you don’t forget anything! Everything can be considered at this stage. You will benefit from finding alternatives which you may want to switch in later on.

  1. Create a budget sheet such as ‘I Pad Numbers’ or ‘Excel’ detailing every item and its cost

This is the fun part! You are nearly there now. List all your costs and total them. Putting them in a spreadsheet means the file can be shared and edited. Keep items in categories so that you share out the responsibility of them to contributors. Reference where each item comes from along with the description so that you can find it again when you want to purchase, place a deposit, reserve or book.   

  1. Decide what items will make the wedding, ditch the rest! Easy peasy

Now you are ready to talk to the family and/or  spouse and loan shark(only kidding)! You knew it was going to cost around £25k but you didn’t factor in the honeymoon or hen night/weekend and stag night/weekender! Honestly though lovely, you may need to save a little more, but hey, that gives you more time to find the things you love! OR you are ready to start shopping!! If you aren’t using a planner like Taunton Weddings you will need an area to keep wedding items whilst you shop over the next few months, AND you will need time to overcome all the obstacles that will occur and lots of stress management activities- preferably not too much wine or chocolate. I recommend exercise, manicures  and low fat yoghurt. And maybe a holiday? But hey what about that honeymoon!


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